Plate: Coralie Downsborough

MIXED PAIRS Presented by Vice-President Dot Leslie

ANZAC day 2017

Runners-up Coralie Downsborough, Margaret Stevens

MEN'S NOVICE SINGLES Presented by Secretary Christine Donnelly



Winner of the Gold Medal in Under 18 Boys Fours at the Australian Under 18 Championships

Winner: Mike Wyndham

LADIES TRIPLES Presented by Sponsor Ann Edwards- Currambine Podiatry

Plate:Doug Peck, Joan Brown, Murray Bray,Jo Popzeleff

Runners-Up:  John Knight, Don Pike

Winners: Lois Donnelly, Janet Goold

MENS 100 UP.

Runner Up: Jacquie Clarke

MEN'S TRIPLES Presented by Carol Howie- Head of Ladies Selectors'

          Trophy Winners Friday 12 May 2017

​         Thanks to Jim Bell for taking the photos

Runners-Up: Tony Mirto, Dave Saunders, Steve Kilford

Winner: Rose Knight

Winners:  Greg Barry, Colin Shier,​Dave Webber

Winners:John Kalajzic,Pat Bell

Winner: Greg Barry

Winner: Myrna Sabel

Big Bash Organisers Eric Buck, Nancy Sutton, Val Buck with Pres Chris Leggett

Runner-Up: Carol Howie

Runner-Up: Colin Shier

Mark Ryan, Mike Batka, Geoff Stevenson, Mike Korycin.

Men's Championship singles finalists Colin Shier and Greg Barry.

Men's Champion Fours Teams 

Runners-Up: Dot Leslie,Dave Saunders,Doreen Donhou

MEN'S MAJOR SINGLES Presented by Sponsor Gary Clarke - Granite Transformations

Winners: Ben Leggett,Pam Cocking, Nancy Sutton Chris Leggett,

2016-2017 Men's Saturday 5th Division Pennant preliminary final winners

Plate:Mike Batka, Soly Batka

LADIES PAIRS Presented by President Chris Leggett


2016-2017 Men's Midweek 2nd Div v 1st Div Blue Challenge Finals winners

Runners-Up: Myrna Sabel,Joan Brown,  Janet Goold,Heather Leaver

​​​Joondalup Lawn Bowling Club

Runners-Up: Myrna Sabel, Joan Brown, Carol Howiel

Winners: Murray for Mark Ryan,Mike Batka, Mike Korycin, Geoff Stevenson

LADIES MAJOR SINGLES. Presented by President Chris Leggett

Men's Novice singles finalists Andrew Groves and Mike Wyndam with marker Nancy Sutton

Plate: Lois Donnelly, Pam Cocking, Pat Bell, Barbara Long


 Presented By Men's Captain Colin Shier

Winners: Doreen Donhou, Val Buck, Dot Leslie

MIXEDFOURS Presented by Men's Captain Colin Shier

Winners: James Buchanan, Ben Leggett

Runners-Up: Tony Mirto, Dave Saunders, Brian Donhou, Steve Kilford

Plate:  Lorraine Warren, Delys Fuller

Plate: Coralie Downsborough, Delys Fuller Margaret Stevens

2016-2017 Men's Saturday 5th Division Pennant winners

MEN'S PAIRS Presented by Sponsor Anne Edwards- Currambine Podiatry

Runner-Up: Andrew Groves

LADIES MINOR SINGLES Presented by Sponsor of Event: Ladies Match Committee Representative Janet Goold

Runners-Up: Nancy Sutton, Chris Leggett 

Ladies - 3rd Division: Trish Kalajzic,Jeanette Armstrong, Carol Croker, Noreen Moles

Men's pairs plate Joe Wedlock.

LADIES NOVICE SINGLES Presented by Sponsor of Event Val Buck

MEN'S FOURS Presented by Ladies Match Captain Nancy Sutton

LADIES FOURS President by President Chris Leggett

Winner: Marilyn Thorp

Winners: Kerry Stewart, Nancy Sutton, Chris Donnelly, Sue Willett