Plate:Doug Peck, Joan Brown, Murray Bray,Jo Popzeleff

Runners-Up:  John Knight, Don Pike

Winners: Lois Donnelly, Janet Goold

MENS 100 UP.

Runner Up: Jacquie Clarke

MEN'S TRIPLES Presented by Carol Howie- Head of Ladies Selectors'

          Trophy Winners Friday 12 May 2017

​         Thanks to Jim Bell for taking the photos

Winner: Myrna Sabel

Big Bash Organisers Eric Buck, Nancy Sutton, Val Buck with Pres Chris Leggett

Runner-Up: Carol Howie

Runner-Up: Colin Shier

Mark Ryan, Mike Batka, Geoff Stevenson, Mike Korycin.

Men's Championship singles finalists Colin Shier and Greg Barry.

Men's Champion Fours Teams 

Runners-Up: Dot Leslie,Dave Saunders,Doreen Donhou

MEN'S MAJOR SINGLES Presented by Sponsor Gary Clarke - Granite Transformations

Winners: Ben Leggett,Pam Cocking, Nancy Sutton Chris Leggett,

2016-2017 Men's Saturday 5th Division Pennant preliminary final winners

Plate:Mike Batka, Soly Batka

LADIES PAIRS Presented by President Chris Leggett


2016-2017 Men's Midweek 2nd Div v 1st Div Blue Challenge Finals winners

Runners-Up: Myrna Sabel,Joan Brown,  Janet Goold,Heather Leaver

Runners-Up: Myrna Sabel, Joan Brown, Carol Howiel

LADIES FOURS President by President Chris Leggett

Ladies - 3rd Division: Trish Kalajzic,Jeanette Armstrong, Carol Croker, Noreen Moles

ANZAC day 2017

Runners-Up: Tony Mirto, Dave Saunders, Steve Kilford

LADIES NOVICE SINGLES Presented by Sponsor of Event Val Buck

Winners: Murray for Mark Ryan,Mike Batka, Mike Korycin, Geoff Stevenson

Winners: Kerry Stewart, Nancy Sutton, Chris Donnelly, Sue Willett


Winner of the Gold Medal in Under 18 Boys Fours at the Australian Under 18 Championships

​​​Joondalup Lawn Bowling Club

Runner-Up: Andrew Groves

Runners-Up: Tony Mirto, Dave Saunders, Brian Donhou, Steve Kilford

LADIES MINOR SINGLES Presented by Sponsor of Event: Ladies Match Committee Representative Janet Goold

LADIES TRIPLES Presented by Sponsor Ann Edwards- Currambine Podiatry

Winner: Greg Barry


 Presented By Men's Captain Colin Shier

LADIES MAJOR SINGLES. Presented by President Chris Leggett

Winner: Mike Wyndham

MEN'S FOURS Presented by Ladies Match Captain Nancy Sutton

MIXED PAIRS Presented by Vice-President Dot Leslie


Winner: Rose Knight

Plate: Lois Donnelly, Pam Cocking, Pat Bell, Barbara Long

Winners:  Greg Barry, Colin Shier,​Dave Webber

MIXEDFOURS Presented by Men's Captain Colin Shier

Winners: James Buchanan, Ben Leggett

Men's pairs plate Joe Wedlock.

2016-2017 Men's Saturday 5th Division Pennant winners

MEN'S NOVICE SINGLES Presented by Secretary Christine Donnelly

Winners:John Kalajzic,Pat Bell

MEN'S PAIRS Presented by Sponsor Anne Edwards- Currambine Podiatry

Plate: Coralie Downsborough, Delys Fuller Margaret Stevens

Winners: Doreen Donhou, Val Buck, Dot Leslie

Runners-up Coralie Downsborough, Margaret Stevens

Winner: Marilyn Thorp

Plate:  Lorraine Warren, Delys Fuller

Men's Novice singles finalists Andrew Groves and Mike Wyndam with marker Nancy Sutton

 Plate: Coralie Downsborough

Runners-Up: Nancy Sutton, Chris Leggett