For Sale

Green coloured chalk pens, Henselite Grippo and Comfitpro chalk spray

Green coloured chalk pens

The club has green coloured chalk pens for sale at the club for $3 each.

Grippo $5.00 Henselite grippo bowls polish

Chalk spray $5.00 Image result for comfitpro chalk spray

See Chris Donnelly for your supplies

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Webbing belts in club colours

$15 for the comfort of a canvas webbing belt in club colours.

This combination of hunter green webbing with a brass buckle is made exclusively for Joondalup members.

Whisper the waist measurement of your most comfortable trousers to Ray Lane for a made-to-measure fit.

The entire $15.00 price goes to our Joondalup Bowling Club.

​​​Joondalup Lawn Bowling Club