​​​Joondalup Lawn Bowling Club

             ​2018-19 Pennant Season.

For all Male bowlers wishing to play pennants in the 2018/19 season, please complete the following form, and press SUBMIT at the bottom.

Pennant News.

The start of the pennant season has begun and already we are now three games into the fixture.


There are always a few hiccups at the beginning before teams start to settle down (mind you 22 changes in week one was a bit much and 16 the following).

Some good wins and of on the other side of the ledger a few losses. As much as we want the wins to way surpass the losses the law of averages says losses will occur.  Don’t get despondent or upset at this stage we are still a work in progress and the JLBC fighting spirit will see us through.


There will be a number of changes happening over the next couple of weeks, players being shifted from team to team and division to division this is just part of the process. Players have been away or are not able to play for one reason or another is just what happens. As selectors it is our job to try and pick best teams with best fit for any given day. That means changes will be part of the week to week selection discussion.


We will have a rotation system so as to endeavour all players will get a pennant game, if you miss one week you will probably get one the following. We do make mistakes so if we have made omission please bring it to our attention.

If you have any ideas you wish to put forward and can’t get to our Monday meeting feel free to email to selectors@joondalupbowls.com.au

All suggestions would be appreciated and kept private.


I think the food this year has been just enough and more than tasty?

It looks great to get to the club and see players out on the greens in their uniforms playing pennants it’s a great spectacle. It is also fantastic to see our newer bowlers out there showing off their skills, competing at all levels and proud to be a JLBC pennant player.


As mentioned at our pennant meeting Geoff Stevenson has programme to access and grade please take advantage of his imitative. 


Keep up the good bowling strive for best, encourage team mates but most importantly enjoy and respect the game.

The Men’s Selectors


        Ladies Pennant Report to 1st March 19.


With just 1 more game for Tuesday Pennants and 2 more for Saturday the season is swiftly coming to a close. 

1st Div. White met top of the ladder Melville on Tuesday and were in the hunt early for points but it wasn’t to be and final scores were 44/73 Melville’s way.  Next week the final game is against Yokine away and we hope to finish the season on a positive note.

2nd Div. Blue had a great day against Doubleview winning on 2 rinks by just 1 shot each!!   As there wasn’t any Saturday Pennants this week both Heather Leaver’s team of Val Buck, Noreen Moles and Ros Hahn together with Jeanette Armstrong’s team of Tina Hay, Jo Popzeleff and Jan Poulter are joint “TEAM OF THE WEEK.”   Well done those 2 points are vital to hold second division for next year. Next week North Beach, a tough one. I’m sure everyone will bring their best game. A lot will depend on how the 2 teams below Joondalup fair. Good Luck.

4th Div. White played Hollywood and although they battled hard, as they have all year weren’t able to add any points to their tally.  Next week Warwick.

Although Saturday Ladies didn’t play last week they have had some very good results in previous weeks. Kerry Stewart’s team of Sue Willett, Merrilyn Letts and Kay Hill were “TEAM OF THE WEEK” on the 16th Feb and Jeanette Armstrong’s team of Tina Hay, Brenda Dennett and Jo Popzeleff also having a great day on the 23rd Feb. to be “TEAM OF THE WEEK” with 11 up and 9 up respectively.  2nd Div are sitting in 3rd position on 24.5 points and 3rd Div. is in 2nd position on 25 points.  Congratulations and good luck for the last 2 games.

I hope everyone knows about our END OF SEASON PENNANT LUNCH on Tuesday 19th March at Mia Cucina at Hillarys Boat Harbour 12oclock. I have to finalize numbers next Tuesday 12th so please add your name if coming.

Thanks Everyone,


Carol Howie