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Please find below general information for Saturday that should be given to all team managers and relevant information passed onto competing players.


Specifically note that winning sides from the AM round will switch greens for the PM round and both Sides will be entitled to a roll up.


It is not known when the AM fixture will finish. However it is expected it will be between 12.00pm and 12.45pm.


Clubs not playing in the AM round have been asked to attend at 12.30pm. There is no specific start time for the afternoon game but it is expected that the AM winners will be given adequate time for lunch.


  • Osborne Park have informed BWA that lunches will be available at a cost to the individual players.


Please note that Osborne Park was approached by BWA to be a neutral venue to allow all competing clubs to have an equal opportunity in such an important fixture.


Therefore as such Osborne Park may not have an umpire available. We ask each team to assign somebody within their team that can carry out Umpiring duties if required. If you do not have an umpire in your team or a non playing Umpire that may be attending, then under Pennant COP Rules an experienced bowler can be appointed. Please ensure opposition managers are informed on who your umpire representative will be.


If there is any trouble with entering the scores, a club representative may ring Pieter Harris on 0427 709 933 between 6.40pm – 7.10pm on Saturday to give the scores over the phone or take a picture of the Pennant Result Sheet and send to the same number.



Please pass this information to all relevant individuals including selectors and team managers.

In some cases the venues that your club will be competing at will have their own members competing at a different club.

With this being the case it is up to the visiting clubs to take responsibility for certain aspects that may ordinarily be provided by the host club.


  • At each Neutral venue there are two independent fixtures on two different greens in the AM Round.


  • The host clubs have been asked to have a club member at the venue upon the visiting clubs arrival to point out the facilities available and to allocate which green each fixture will be using.


  • For the PM fixture the two AM winners will switch to the other green to play against their opponent who have not yet played on the day.


  • All teams will be entitled to a rollup on the drawn rinks before the start of the fixture


  • One important aspect of the day is the supply of Umpires. It is the responsibility of each competing club to provide one of the following:
  • If a qualified umpire is in the team nominate them as your umpire or
  • If you do not have a qualified umpire in the team then you can nominate a competent member of the team to act as your umpire as per Metropolitan Pennant General Conditions or
  • Take with your team a qualified umpire who is willing to act as an Umpire of the Day.
  • It is extremely important that all AM and PM scores are entered into the Bowls Connect Portal by 6.30pm Saturday night for inclusion in the Sunday Times.
  • PM Results can not be entered if AM Results are not entered so please ensure every fixture result is entered correctly
  • While host clubs have been asked to supply a computer if possible, it is certainly known that this will not be possible at all venues. The responsibility is on the competing clubs to get it done.
  • If it is going to be done at the host club then the competing clubs will need to know there own username and password.
  • It will be wise to work out how these results are going to be entered on the assumption that the host club cannot help.
  • Please note in the afternoon fixture the Higher Division Club that has not played, has been set as the Club responsible for putting in the scores. This has been done due to the demands of the Bowls Connect finals fixture program.
  • In extreme cases they may be faxed into Bowls WA and we will endeavour to enter them but this needs to be a last resort and there is no guarantee that we will be able to do it before the deadline time.





  • Each team manager is responsible for the normal duties expected on Pennant day including completing Pennant result sheets and supplying cards.


  • The team named first in the fixture should supply the Pennant result sheet, but we encourage all clubs to take their own just in case or for PM finals if required.


  • In the first fixture of the day the team named first in the fixture published will use the usual pennant stickers


  • On the subsequent final Managers are required to toss for the stickers at the same time they toss for the mat.




Pennant season has all but finished, two games to be played on Saturday6/4/19, both 2ndDiv and 3rdDiv are in the play-offs for promotion. Wouldn’t this be a fitting and rewarding way to complete a great pennant season for the JLBC.

We have had a more than successful year thus far with promotion to 1st division on Thursday’s and the opportunity to do the same in the Saturday competition.

As we stated at the start of the season, as Selectors our goal was promotions. Well, we have and as the Chairman of Selectors I would like to say thank you to the Selection Committee for their focus, support and commitment over the season.  So, to John Ferguson, Lance Farrow, Don Pike, Ben Leggett and Harry Teeuwissen – Thank You, much appreciated. I hope you will consider re-election next season.

As selectors we are only successful if we have the support of the playing group and we did. So again, to all the players who played, to all those who accepted the challenges, to all those who responded when called upon on behalf of the Selectors, a huge thank you to you all.

I would especially like to express my appreciation to those playing in our 5th and 4th Divisions.

These are the guys who constantly have their teams shuffled around. Not just because we have to provide everyone with a game but also when we have the need for players in the other divisions.

It is 4th and 5thwho are constantly affected. I know that it is sometimes hard not to become frustrated with the changes but these players soldier on, they played to their best and competed with great determination. I want you to know these divisions are the hardest to pick and the time we spent considering their selection was significant.


I have reported before that the difficulty for clubs of our size is player depth, paramount to this is holding on to those who can make the difference and encouraging others to join in our vision. 

This year we endeavoured to push the Mighty Dolphins into uncharted waters.

We introduced a few new ideas to assist develop bowler skills and encourage others to join.

We offered players the opportunity to play higher via:-

Coaching and practice options.

                Results driven opportunities.

                Player feedback.

                Game plans.

                Individual Player, Skip, Division and team meetings.

                Performance tracking.


Not many people took the opportunities provided and there may be very obvious reason as to why this was the case. So we would like you to provide some constructive feedback should you wish to do so just email your suggestions to selectors@joondalupbowls.com.au


The Selectors would like to ask all pennant players to come down on Saturday the 13/4/19 to play Pop-Sticks and then enjoy the fellowship of all with a few drinks and sausage sizzle provided as a celebration of the season that was.


Thanks Everyone

Colin Shier

JLBC Men’s Chairman of Selectors



2nd Division and below.

Colour Winners in each division shall be decided by the points gained by each side

Colour winners are ranked from 1 to 4 according to their points.

Finals shall be played at the club that finishes with the highest points in each applicable division.

The Grand Final will be played at the highest remaining ranked club after the first week of finals.

WEEK 1 (28 March) PM Semi Final 1 v 4, 2 v 3

WEEK 2 (4 April) PM Grand Final Winner (1 v 4) v Winner (2 v 3)



2nd Division do not participate in Promotion Playoffs

3rd Division and below participate in Promotion Playoffs

Draw of Promotional Finals

Saturday PM Grand Final 2nd v 3rd in each colour General - Clubs that finish in 2nd and 3rd position on the ladder in each colour at the end of the season shall participate in Promotional Playoffs.

Venue – Saturday 6 April.  The Promotion Playoff will be played at the club that finishes in 2nd position on the ladder in each colour at the end of the season.




2nd Division.  Clubs that finish in positions 2 and 3 on the ladder at the end of the season will participate in the Challenge Playoffs against 1st Division Blue North and South teams.

3rd Division and below do not participate in Challenge Playoffs

1st Division Blue North versus 2nd Division Blue and 2nd Division Gold Challenge for Promotion.

Team 2 from 2nd Division Blue and Team 2 from 2nd Division Gold will be ranked on points collected during the season. The team with the most points will be aligned with the 8th ranked 1st Division Blue North team with the remaining team aligned with the 7th ranked 1st Division Blue North team.



Semi Final

2nd Division Blue Team 2 v 2nd Division Blue Team 3.

2nd Division Gold Team 2 v 2nd Division Gold Team 3




 Winner (2 v 3) v 1st Division Blue North Team 7 or 8

 Winner (2 v 3) v 1st Division Blue North Team 7 or 8

Winners of PM and Week 2 finals will play in 1st Division Blue North next season. All losing teams in finals will play in 2nd Division next season.



2nd Division The club that finishes on top of the ladder in each colour shall be promoted to 1st Division Blue North or South.

The second promotion will be determined by the Challenge Play Offs in each colour versus 1st Division Blue North/South. The two (2) clubs with the lowest number of points will be automatically relegated to 3rd Division.

 3rd Division and below

 The club that finishes on top of the ladder in each colour of each division shall be promoted to the next highest division.  The second promotion will be determined by the Promotion Play Offs in each colour in each division.  The two (2) clubs with the lowest number of points from each colour in each division will be relegated to the next lowest division

        Ladies Pennant Report to 1st March 19.


With just 1 more game for Tuesday Pennants and 2 more for Saturday the season is swiftly coming to a close. 

1st Div. White met top of the ladder Melville on Tuesday and were in the hunt early for points but it wasn’t to be and final scores were 44/73 Melville’s way.  Next week the final game is against Yokine away and we hope to finish the season on a positive note.

2nd Div. Blue had a great day against Doubleview winning on 2 rinks by just 1 shot each!!   As there wasn’t any Saturday Pennants this week both Heather Leaver’s team of Val Buck, Noreen Moles and Ros Hahn together with Jeanette Armstrong’s team of Tina Hay, Jo Popzeleff and Jan Poulter are joint “TEAM OF THE WEEK.”   Well done those 2 points are vital to hold second division for next year. Next week North Beach, a tough one. I’m sure everyone will bring their best game. A lot will depend on how the 2 teams below Joondalup fair. Good Luck.

4th Div. White played Hollywood and although they battled hard, as they have all year weren’t able to add any points to their tally.  Next week Warwick.

Although Saturday Ladies didn’t play last week they have had some very good results in previous weeks. Kerry Stewart’s team of Sue Willett, Merrilyn Letts and Kay Hill were “TEAM OF THE WEEK” on the 16th Feb and Jeanette Armstrong’s team of Tina Hay, Brenda Dennett and Jo Popzeleff also having a great day on the 23rd Feb. to be “TEAM OF THE WEEK” with 11 up and 9 up respectively.  2nd Div are sitting in 3rd position on 24.5 points and 3rd Div. is in 2nd position on 25 points.  Congratulations and good luck for the last 2 games.

I hope everyone knows about our END OF SEASON PENNANT LUNCH on Tuesday 19th March at Mia Cucina at Hillarys Boat Harbour 12oclock. I have to finalize numbers next Tuesday 12th so please add your name if coming.

Thanks Everyone,


Carol Howie



             ​2019-20 Pennant Season.

For all Male bowlers wishing to play pennants in the 2019/20 season, please complete the following form, and press SUBMIT at the bottom.