​​​Joondalup Lawn Bowling Club


Thursday and Saturday

All players should be at the venue they are playing by 1.00pm.
A two end roll up starts at 1.15pm and game commences at 1:30pm.

THURSDAY Please note that the 45 minute roll up on Thursdays has been abolished.

Team managers to be at Club by 12.30pm.
If players are  going direct their names must be in the going direct book.

With many players returning from holidays, The Selectors have had to rotate players through the divisions. Some members will be disappointed; but we will try to ensure that everyone gets at least 1 game each week. Thank you for your understanding.

Ben Leggett - Chairman of Selectors

23/01/2020 THURSDAY  Team changes due to unavailabilities
1st Division Skip Third Second Lead
Blue     Korycin, Mike Buchanan, Jim Groves, Andrew Pike, Don
Home Leggett, Ben Shier, Colin Urquhart, Dave Farrow, Dave
Quinns Leggett, Chris Neilson, Wes Webber, Dave Cheesman, Martin
23/01/2020 1st
3rd Division  Skip Third Second Lead
Gold     Baldock, Scott Peck, Doug Mirto, Tony Ryan, Murray
Home Farrow, Lance Skipper, Wayne Stevenson, Geoff Oakley, Kim
Merriwa 2 Raymond, Clive Wedlock, Joe Clarke, Jeff Teeuwissen, Harry
23/01/2020 2nd
4th Division  Skip Third Second Lead
Gold     Covell, Alan Dennett, Tom Grant, Mal TBA
Home Cooper, John Furler, Terry Kalazjic, John Groves, Noah
BYE TBA Reynolds, Fred Driscoll, Brett Pickford, Harry
23/01/2020 1st
5th Division Skip Third Second Lead
Gold Vandervelde, Brian Wickings, Mike Poulton, Nigel Colreavy, Kevin
Away Honeycutt, Chuck Hay, Geoff Bailey, Colin Richards, Steve
Morley  Neutgens, Bert Bryce, Jim McManus, Neil Hilton, John
Saunders, Dave    


NOTE: This form is not to be used in the days proceeding Pennant games after the teams have been selected.Contact the Selectors directly if you are not available after the teams have been published.


TUESDAY                Ladies pennant teams for  28th Jan 2020
1st Divison Skip Third Second Lead
GREEN NTH J. Brown S. Batka K. Hill M. Sabel
HOME C. Downsborough D. Leslie P.Bell N. Moles
SORRENTO P. Cocking C. Donnelly D. Sasson J. Townsend
2nd Division Skip Third Second Lead
BLUE H. Leaver G. Pickford V. Buck L. Oakley
HOME N. Sutton R. Hahn L. Clarke L. Wyatt
QUINNS ROCK J. Poulter J. Armstrong J. Popzeleff T. Hay
3rd Division Skip Third Second Lead
BLUE S. Parry J. Kelly G. Caldwell M. Gericke
HOME R. Leggett P. Poulton H. Caldwell (M) Y. White
NORTH BCH M. Thorp G. Hay (M) T. Kalajzic J. Saxon


If you are unavailable for Pennants or are now back and available please make sure you have informed selectors via "Availability" book in club rooms


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Mens' and Ladies Pennant Teams for Season 2019-2020

Ladies teams are below Men's pennant teams

Men's Pennant teams information

It is the responsibility of the players to check on the morning of the Day of Play for Final selection.

If you are unavailable please place your name on the form to the right or in the unavailable books prior to 4 pm Monday on the days you cannot play Pennants.

Changes in green

Team Manager in blue

These Pennant Teams will, if possible, will be posted here each Monday evening or Tuesday morning.


Ben Leggett - Chairman

Ph 6188 6713

Lance Farrow

Ph 0498 059 774

John Ferguson

Ph 0468 366 035

Don Pike

Ph 9305 6601

Colin Shier

Ph 9405 2041

Geoff Stevenson

Ph 0429 046 697

Teams can change due to unavailabilities.

We have had a withdrawal from Men’s Saturday 4th Division Gold

Please withdraw Stirling from position 10. This position will now be a Bye.

Morley has filled the position of Merriwa in Men’s Midweek 5th Division Gold