​​​Joondalup Lawn Bowling Club

Presidents report

President’s Report January 2019


Hello Dolphins


Apologies for the lengthy break in reports. Not sure what happened but time flew by.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and you are all looking forward to the second half of our season.


A lot has been happening with Community bowls now up and running for another season. Thanks to all who volunteer to help make this event a huge success for our club.

Not only does it bring in income for us but also introduces new people to the game and many make the transition to full time bowling as a member.


Speaking of new members, we have had another wonderful influx of new bowlers to our club. With 27 new members to January, this goes against the trend in many other clubs who are struggling to attract new members. It is a reflection of the environment that our members have developed to make it attractive to new members to become a part of our forward moving, innovative club. Thanks to all for making new members welcome.


With Australia Day just around the corner, I expect another strong showing from the Aussies to repel the attack from the rest of the world to maintain the ‘strength’ of the club! I hope all enjoy the day and competition.


We also welcome our new bingo system to make things quicker and far more ‘sparkly’. Thanks, as always to our tireless bingo team who keep filling the hall and bringing in valuable income which keeps our costs down. Fantastic job to all involved.


Good luck and good bowls to all members for the last 6 months of our year and to all those playing in pennants, state events and club events, keep setting a positive example for our club so we continue to earn more and more respect from other clubs for what we stand for and what they wish they could be!