​​​Joondalup Lawn Bowling Club

Presidents report

2018/19 President’s report Joondalup Bowling Clubpresented at AGM 22 May 2019

I would like to begin my report by welcoming our new Patron, Mr Mark Folkard MLA. Mark has graciously accepted our invitation to become our patron and I thank him for this and invite him on board the JBC juggernaut!!

 2018/19 was yet another successful year for Joondalup Bowling Club. We had success on the greens and also success off the greens.

The season started with our traditional opening day which was attended and enjoyed by many members. Much fun was had by all and it started the ball(bowl) rolling for a great season.

Our club championship events were reasonably well supported but it would be great to see more people involved to see how well they can do against their club mates. Results throughout the year show that anyone on their day has the potential to do well in these events. Well done to all players involved and huge congratulations to those who achieved the ultimate success.

Next season’s events will all be held on Sundays and men and women’s competitions will be run concurrently. Hopefully, this will lead to our greens being full of green and yellow and it promises to be a great spectacle.

The Pennant season came and went in what seemed like a blink of an eye and once again, JBC performed admirably and all players involved represented our club with the spirit expected. Varied levels of success were achieved but overall it was another successful season. Thanks you to all men and women who represent our club each week throughout all divisions. I believe that our club is a leader in sportsmanship, competiveness and promotion of the spirit of the game.

Once again, we have had a wonderful year with new arrivals to our club and have welcomed over 30 new members to our Dolphin pod. I hope those new members feel the warmth of our club and enjoy many more years with JBC.

Our social bowls competitions are continually well supported with a growing band of regulars enjoying each other’s company while also improving their game. I hope that some are ready to make the transition and become part of the representative side of the club. I encourage all members to represent your club in Pennant competition if you have any interest at all. Please do not think you are not good enough as the structure of the competition is designed to include all levels of ability. I also respect that some people are not interested in this type of competition.  We, as a club strive to provide opportunities for all members to access the thrill of having a bowl!

A special thanks to all of those wonderful members who selflessly give their time in a wide range of capacities to ensure that our club continues to improve and move forward in the right direction.

I need to acknowledge a few groups of people whom, without them, our club would come to a grinding halt.

Firstly, our team of Bingo volunteers. Thank you for your efforts. The money raised through Bingo allows us to employ our greens team of Craig and Wes who provide us with the best greens in Perth!

Secondly, our match committees who organise our games each week. This seamless organisation ensures we play without any major hiccups and our club championship events are always run smoothly and professionally.

Thirdly, our selectors who ensure we have teams on the greens each week during pennants. It is a most difficult job as there is always someone who thinks differently and this makes it challenging for the selectors. However, I believe that both men’s and women’s selectors do a terrific job so thank you.

Next, all of the wonderful members who are too many to mention who do their little bit for the club. It is noticed and appreciated and a big thanks goes to you.

Finally, to our hardworking management committee who come to meetings and listen to me carry on and on whilst also developing a vision for our club into the future. This takes up a lot of time and energy and I would like to acknowledge the effort put in by the committee over the past year. I welcome all new members to the committee for the coming year and thank those continuing. Unfortunately, each year, some members of the committee cannot continue for a variety of reasons. This year is no different with our greens chair, Dave Saunders, unable to find the time he requires to do the great job that he does. Dave will be sorely missed on our committee as his input has proven to be invaluable. He assures me that he will be there to help in many capacities but unable to help full time. Thank you Dave for your hard work and congratulations on your achievement in officially securing funding for our new toilet block to be built in our greens area. We are hoping ‘Dave’s Dunnies’ are operational by next season sometime.

Our committee is also losing another valued member and I would like to acknowledge the tireless effort of Christine Donnelly who has kept everything in order over the past 4 years.

Chris, as the secretary, is the person who makes sure everything to do with club operations is in line and keeps us on our toes during meetings. She will be sorely missed and has left big shoes to fill with the high degree of professionalism she has brought to the role. Thank you Chris for everything you have contributed to our committee in your time and I hope the break allows you to do all the things you have missed over the past few years. I am sure we will be in constant contact trying to capitalise on your expertise in a consultancy role.

In conclusion, congratulations to all involved with the Joondalup Bowling Club for making 2018/19 another fantastically successful year and I hope you join in my enthusiasm to make next season even better in every aspect.


Chris Leggett